Homestar™ Practitioner

Homestar™ Practitioner will help guide you on good environmental design when you are making decisions such as planning your new home, or a major renovation in your existing home.

There are lots of things to consider when planning your new home or major renovation, and incorporating good environmental design before you commence a project can avoid costly alterations later on.  A Homestar Practitioner is an industry professional who has been trained and accredited by Homestar to provide advice when you are making decisions about home design and attributes that contribute to the comfort, health and performance of your home.   The advantage of working with a Homestar Practitioner is that they can guide you on good environmental design based on the Homestar Certified Tool to maximise the performance of your new home or renovation and help you get the appropriate Homestar rating.

Use the search on this page to find a Homestar Practitioner in your area or click here to see a directory of all Homestar Practitioners

If you're interested in becoming a Homestar Practitioner, please review the Homestar Practitioner Pathway on the NZGBC website or email us to register your interest.