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Homestar can apply to all new and existing dwellings, from stand-alone houses to apartments.

When should I use Homestar?

Trained Homestar Assessors can offer expert advice on everything from insulation and waste management to eco-friendly materials. The earlier you start using Homestar, the easier (and cheaper) the process will be.

  • Renovating or building? Many people use Homestar as a design guide; to get a healthier, energy-efficient home, aim for a minimum 6 Homestar rating.
  • Looking to sell? A Homestar rating provides independent assurance to buyers about your home’s warmth, efficiency and sustainability, and international studies suggest highly rated homes attract a resale premium.

Certified rating

A certified rating is proof of a home’s sustainability and performance credentials. If you’re building or renovating, it’s more cost-effective to find a Homestar Assessor and start incorporating sustainability at the very beginning of the project.

All Homestar Assessors are experienced industry professionals. Your Homestar Assessor will carry out an independent, comprehensive assessment of your home. The Assessor views design documents or visits a completed project, and checks the work against a set of sustainability benchmarks. Their assessment is then audited by NZGBC’s technical team.

A Homestar Practitioner can’t carry out a rating but they can advise you on how to get one, for example by guiding design decisions.

You can find a Homestar professional in your area through our Homestar Assessor and Homestar Practitioner directories.

There are three stages at which you’ll see Homestar used:

  • Appraisal – based on an indicative design, this guideline is not an actual rating. It’s generally used by developers who wish to market and sell off the plans.
  • Design – this rating assesses the full and final plans.
  • Built – this rating occurs after a project is constructed. It certifies that the features in the Design rating have been fully implemented.

Online self-assessment

This free tool helps homeowners and tenants gain a better understanding of how their home is likely to perform (in terms of energy, health and comfort, water, waste and other criteria), and gives specific advice on how to improve any home. This is an indicative guide based on a simplified adaptation of Homestar v2, and is not suitable for industry professionals; if you are an industry professional, please refer to the Homestar v3 technical manual.

To use the tool, you need to sign up to myHomestar and answer a series of questions – this takes approximately 20 minutes. You’ll then receive a short report with a provisional Homestar rating on a 1-10 scale. (Most existing New Zealand homes achieve a 2-3 Homestar rating.) The report includes a list of recommendations to improve your home’s performance, and a guide that compares the approximate cost of materials and installation with operational cost savings.

Want to become a Homestar professional?

If you’re planning to use Homestar in more than one home, or as part of a work project, consider training as a Homestar Assessor or Practitioner. Find out more about Homestar training courses.