Our partners

Homestar is a completely independent rating tool, so we do not endorse individual products or suppliers. However, we are supported by a number of funding partners who share our belief in the importance of healthier, more sustainable homes.

Every day, Waste Management collects, processes, recycles and extracts valuable resources from New Zealand’s waste.

Through excellent management, we keep our communities cleaner and safer, making a positive impact on the lives of people and safeguarding our environment.

So New Zealanders can live in a safe, unspoiled environment, we recycle as much as we can, sending waste back to work, and if it can’t possibly be recycled, we can still extract benefit from it through our modern landfill technology. We like to think of it as being positively resourceful.

Trust Waste Management; we have the resources to take care of the waste we all generate in a safe and sustainable way, so everyone can continue to enjoy our unique environment.

MAXRaft is New Zealand’s only provider of fully insulated, thermally broken foundations, available nationwide. We can help you increase the energy efficiency of your home while also making it a warmer, healthier, more comfortable environment to live in. With more than 70% of heat loss occurring at the edge of the foundation, it is widely accepted that a fully insulated slab improves energy efficiency – it also offers additional health benefits, from reduced exposure to damp and mould in your home.
MAXRaft is engineered on a site-specific basis, resulting in enhanced seismic integrity and reduced construction timeframes. MAXRaft reduces waste with pre-cut slabs and recycling of on-site leftovers, as we aim to make MAXRaft as environmentally sustainable as possible. Visit www.maxraft.co.nz

Resene has all the quality paint, colour, wallpaper, decorating accessories, curtains and professional advice you need to get a superb finish on your decorating projects. Choose from thousands of colours from the Resene Total Colour System, including the most popular whites and neutrals through to the latest fashion colours, or let us create a custom colour match for you. We have the most extensive range of Environmental Choice approved paints in New Zealand and once you’ve finished painting you can return your unwanted paint and packaging to the Resene PaintWise service. 100% NZ owned and operated.

Showerdome is a simple Kiwi invention, and remains 100% New Zealand owned and operated. All Showerdomes are manufactured in New Zealand, using high-grade acrylic, and are distributed nationwide via an extensive network of retailers and independent installers. We are committed to producing the highest-quality product that more than 50,000 New Zealanders are already enjoying.
Independent university research backs up our claims of reducing bathroom moisture and energy consumption. Enjoy the benefits of a drier, healthier home by simply installing a Showerdome. Visit www.showerdome.co.nz