Container home achieves Homestar 8 rating
19 Rauhuia Cres Parau
57 Matipo Street,
Riccarton, Christchurch

Those who live at Matipo on the Green will benefit from warmer, healthier and more comfortable homes. And as accommodation costs will include rent and power they’ll be better positioned to...

Longhurst Terrace, Cashmere

Designing a new high-performing home on the Cashmere hills, within an affordable budget

Cantabrians are increasingly looking for warmer, healthier and more eco-friendly homes, and are...

HIVE: Home Innovation Village Canterbury, Agricultural Park Curletts Rd
HIVE: Warmframe High Performance House
HIVE:Home Innovation Village Canterbury, Agricultural Park Curletts Rd, Christchurch

The architecturally designed High Performance House, with Warmframe technology at HIVE received a Homestar design rating of eight – the highest in the village.

Horvath Home: Best Home
Havelock North

A group home builder in Hawke’s Bay achieved its first Homestar rating, offering a home that’s more energy efficient, economical to run, and comfortable to live in.

ideal house
Ideal House
Beachlands, Auckland

This family house uses both Homestar and Passive House standards, and is carefully designed to be one of NZ’s most energy-efficient homes while keeping to a “mainstream” budget....

Kupe Street, Orakei
Kupe Street
Orakei, Auckland

Building on a restricted site was no obstacle to creating a high-quality, three-bedroom home –the architect and owners used Homestar to guide the construction, selection of materials and fit...

Zero Energy House Kitchen
Zero Energy House
Point Chevalier, Auckland

Two young, determined engineers have realised their vision of a Zero Energy home that also embraces great design and style. (And that’s just the beginning of the home’s sustainability...

Kitchen in the Hybrid House: Richard Eden
Hybrid: Richard Eden
Eden Road, Nelson

Hybrid Homes and Living Ltd is focused on designing and building great looking, warm and energy efficient sustainable homes.

We have been building homes that use passive solar design...

Stonewood Show Home, 22 Tauhini Avenue, Lincoln, Christchurch
Stonewood Show Home
22 Tauhini Avenue, Lincoln, Christchurch

This is the first home built by Stonewood Homes to specifications that classify it as a Homestar 7-star rated home.






Eddie Van Uden House, Three Kings, Hamon Avenue, Auckland
Eddie Van Uden
Three Kings, Hamon Avenue, Auckland

Eddie and Hillary van Uden renovated their ex-state 1950s home in Auckland in 2009 and turned the 87 square metre, brick and tile house into a 7 star, 140 square metre home. This process was no...

AV Jennings Sustainable Show Home, Hobsonville, Auckland
AVJennings Show Home
5 Station Street, Hobsonville, Auckland

Hobsonville Point's first residential release embodies their vision: “To create desirable places to live by providing quality affordable living solutions that respect the environment....

Hayman Eco House, Broad Oaks, Huntsbury, Christchurch
Hayman House
Broad Oaks, Huntsbury, Christchurch

Russell Devlin at Solararchitect Ltd designed this private home.

Summary of the key features:

Vinegar Lane Sustainable Architecture, Auckland
Vinegar Lane

Ponsonby's new Vinegar Lane is a beautifully designed and environmentally thoughtful...